Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Horse By Any Other Name

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Gosling

Ladies, what is more appropriate when talking about finish lines than a horse?

"Stop looking at me HORSE!" 

Okay, so he was really saying "stop looking at me swan" but you get the picture.  Name that movie!

I feel a bit like Adam Sandler lately.  See, I grabbed this horse lamp from my Grandparent's storage back in November.  I love it.  Not only because it was theirs, but because I think it's rad.  It's a conversation piece, it's green (bonus) and it provides light.  Functional art!  I almost feel Scandinavian.

I really like the current paint job but there are a few chips and I don't like those.  The detail in the horse is a little darker (& dusty) ... but I could look past that.  I actually considered just leaving it, throwing a shade on it and sitting down to watch RHO da O'C.  But, I know myself oh to well.  Every time I walk past the lamp, I would pull the swiffer dust cloth in my pocket out (true story) and try to clean away the grooves.  It's official, getting a paint job! 

So, I tried a few different greens.  I didn't want to change the color too much ... going for a "Boxwood" look.  My first couple attempts, did not work.  I wasn't feeling them.  The first color looked a little did I just find this in a baby's diaper?  The second color, not so hot.  So I mixed 2 colors together and came up with something I liked.  I painted it on pretty thick with a foam brush.

  I let it dry and then I covered it with a coat of PolyShades - walnut water based stain.  I immediately wiped it off, just to leave that antinquey look. 

LOVING IT!  Actually, it looks a lot like it used to (without the dust & chips).  The color is a little more modern, fresh and ready for OUR house.  I love that it's familiar, but new ........ a little of the old coming though.  Thanks Gram! 

It's a little weird, but the color pretty much matches the bucket I picked up at the Brimfield Antique & Flea Market EXTRAVAGANZA that Mrs. W (Mrs. K couldn't make it because her man was out of town for work) went to.  So, it's official ... I am officially and clinically, green obsessed!

Now for a shade.  Burlap anyone?

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