Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Mom's Circus

Welcome to my life circus.  It's a beautiful, bright, chaotic circus.  And in this show I am a star (*jazz hands*).  In fact, I think most moms could run a circus because we've mastered all the roles.

Check it out:

Ringmaster.  I'm the director.  I am joyful and proud when it all goes according to plan and I'm less joyful and less proud when the elephants break loose.

Lion Tamer.  Have you seen my lovely children at 5:30 PM when they are hungry?  I don't have a chair to keep them at bay, but I do have legos and Good Luck Charlie and a baby gate.

Clown.  My skills shine during meltdowns and photo shoots.  

Tightrope Walker.  I've never walked more gingerly than when I've tried to transfer sleeping children to their beds.  One misstep and it's all over.  Nik Wallenda thinks walking across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope is a big feat?  Puh-lease.  Try moving my toddler from our minivan to his bed without stirring him.  That, my friends, is a feat.

Fire Breather - "What, dear?  You're coming home late?"  

Magician - I put together my daughter's school Halloween costume last year in five minutes.  If that's not some serious David Copperfield wizardry, I don't know what is (check out Dr. Kelly below).

lily doctor
Hand me down scrubs, a fleece, water bottle...duh.  Doctor in between patients.  
Circus Freak - I nailed this role when my kids were all infants and slept for two hour increments.  I continue to dazzle when my husband's schedule picks up or the kids are sick or the holidays are coming.  Christmas Eve...watch out.  I might scare you.
This is the one picture I have from Christmas a couple years ago. Not only am I sleep deprived and wearing no makeup but my hair is inexplicably brushed (and I use that term loosely) forward.
See?!  I'm a star.  It's a circus but there's a reason it's called the greatest show on earth.  I'm learning to embrace the craziness.  Now if you'll excuse me, my crushed red velvet blazer needs tending to.

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  Did you flat iron your hair before Christmas pics?  You look pretty good for early morning present opening :)


Moe Daniels said...

I'm good at this stuff too, but there's a reason why: It's in my blood. My great-aunt Pat was the first ever female wild animal tamer. She was trained by the famous Clyde Beatty and became a really well-known lion tamer. She was even in a movie based loosely on her life called "Cat College." Life Magazine did an article on her as well, a copy of which I tracked down on ebay and just gave to my mom for her birthday. This image of her is my favorite:
So, thanks, Aunt Pat. I may not be taming lions, but I AM trying to tame young children, which sometimes feels like basically the same thing.

naptime notebook said...

Amazing. How does one get started in that business? Also, given the family history, you DEFINITELY need a circus party in your future.

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