Thursday, June 6, 2013

Brimfield Antique & Flea Market

Passing Notes Today: Mrs. G.

Have you ever found yourself watching HGTV, flipping through a magazine or local publication and thought .... I WANT TO GO THERE!!!

Yea, me too.

This I what I have thought every year, for the past 5 years, once the Spring hit.  BECAUSE,  Spring is the time of year that I would see advertisements for Brimfield Antique & Flea Market.  What a magical place it appeared to be.  Route 20, lined with vendors eager to sell you their haul (hopefully at a great price).  People from all walks of life, kicking up stones along the street, staring down the unusual finds.  I envisioned myself as one of these peeps, with my granny cart in tow and fanny pack (psyche.  double psyche, we totally had a granny cart). 

So, 2013 was my year ... to break free for a total of 12 hours (9.5 of them driving) and hit up this wonderland.  I made the master plan.  And by master plan, I mean gas up the car and make some chicken salad for Mrs. W and I (Mrs. K was at home, raising her kin because her man was out of town).  I picked Mrs. W up at 5:45am, we got our $2 DD coffees and off we went.  It only took 4.5 hrs and we were there.  And there, well ... er, it wasn't really what we expected, at first. 

Once we got off of the mass pike, we were in a little town that showed no sign of anything magical.  But then, all of a sudden, it was upon us.  We could see the bright colors, white topped tents and smell the funnel cakes.  WE.HAD.ARRIVED!!!

We spared no time.  We grabbed our cash and off we went. 

I was in the market for some trophies, some garden towers, linens and maybe a sign or two.  Mrs. W was in the market for anything.  Because, she can make anything seem totally amazing and appropriate for any setting.  It's true - she has a great eye for staging. :)

Here she is on the prowl.  Who doesn't love corrugated metal in all shapes and sizes?!?

And here are some of the things that we loved, but did not buy:

And here is what we picked up for Mrs. K, for her new bathroom.  The stool, not the bird.  Birdie was left in my car by Mrs. W.  I delivered her back the next day, but doesn't she looked cute perched up on the stool?

And at the end of the day, this is what we walked away with.  We scored some great finds, talked to VERY interesting people and ate all day.  It was amazing, just like we thought it would be.  We want to go back (they have another show in July and September). 

It was a great day.  Now that we know the lay of the land and some of the vendors, we will definitely be heading back.  I think that we might need to rent a box van though.  Wanna join?

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Where is my picture of Lara Spencer?  I really wanted you two to be on Flea Market Flip.  Thanks for sharing all the pics.  Looks like so much fun and tons of eye candy.  I want to see where you put your finds too!  Brimfield or bust.


sarah said...

maybe i'll just have to take a road trip in july! the guys would love to keep ALL our kids, right mrs. w? :)

Karry said...

I'll go.

Amanda Rose said...

Looks like a great time!

Amanda Rose

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