Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fathers Day DIY Update

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Gosling

Last year was busy for us around this time.  We were expecting another baby, renovating a few rooms and adjusting to our new life as a large family.  So, instead of buying something extravagant for "the Don" the boys and I decided to repurpose something we already owned into a personal  & thoughtful gift.  

Remember last year?  Well, it never got completed because boy # 4 is still a little man.  I knew that his hands were too wiggly and I didn't want to compromise the other handprints, if it didn't come out well.  I still think that his hand is not ready for the job, but his piggies?!?

Yes, his toes are equally as busy but I think with help (boy #2 & #3), we can finally complete the Fathers Day present 2012.  

We grabbed the babe. The paint ( Honeysuckle Bloom - Eddie Bauer), some wipes and a steady hand.  

What do you think?

In addition to our "re-tread" gift (I know, lame) we are going to make Dad his favorite meal.  Anything Dinosaur BBQ!   

When I met my hubby, he would go on and on about Dinosaur BBQ.  Finally, we went to eat there, together.  We stuffed our faces, drank some cold beers and bought the cookbook.  It's amazing.  It's slow cooked, lathered and everything scrumptious! The restaurant started it's journey in Syracuse, NY.  It is now in Rochester and many other cities.  Check out their website to get information on the menu, history and gift cards!!!

For this Father's Day, we are going to make sausage & peppers, beans and Mac salad!  Here are some mouth-watering pictures for you.  I know, I know ... Such a tease!

Syracuse, NY location.  The original.
Someday, we will be able to drag all the boys down to the restaurant, for an eat in experience.  But, for now, we are just as happy whipping up our own, here at the house with our Father of the Year! 
Don't forget to wear your apron when sloppin' around this bbq sauce!

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Have to hand it to you (get it?  cringing yet?)...sweet gift.  Does it count if I just  have dinner catered by Dinosaur BBQ or do I have to make it? 

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