Thursday, June 20, 2013

Finishing Touches on Hallway and Entry Project

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hi Mrs. K. and Mrs. G.,

As you know, we finished up the hallway and entryway project in February this year.  Remember?



Well, the other day as I was walking down the stairs, I realized that there were some finishing touches in that project that I never shared with you.  So, today's the day, girls.  Here are all the details on some of the smaller changes that we made to the hallway and entryway.

Entrance Light

Here's the BEFORE of our entry light.  It was a fine and functional light.  Who am I kidding?  This baby was dated!  I was in the mood for something a bit more modern.  

And here's the AFTER.  

This light fixture is manufactured by Hudson Valley and I will NOT be revealing its price in today's post, because in my world, it was expensive.  I'm still trying to rationalize the expense.  The fact that I love it has almost made me forget about how much cheaper a big box store light fixture would have been.

Upstairs Hallway Light

Look at the stunning textured globe light fixture that used to hang at the top of the stairs.  She's a beauty, no?  No!  That fixture had to go.  

In Progress Upstairs Hallway Light

When picking out this light I was determined to find a less expensive fixture.  I did - at Lowes.

AFTER -  Check out the new light - functional and clean and very bright!

Before:  Hall Closet Knobs

The closets in the hallway had lovely blue flower knobs on them before we started this project.  They too, had to go!

AFTER:  I found these knobs at Anthropologie.  They look so much fresher!

Before:  Upper Railing

The bottom railing got a really great redo on this stairway project.  The upper railing needed a bit of an update too.  Out with the old iron.

AFTER:  In with the new red oak.  So sturdy and pretty and fancy with those railing brackets.

Now I think we can officially call this project finished!

See you later girls,
Note from Mrs. Gosling:  I am Ga Ga over everything that you have done.  I especially love the hallway lighting fixture and the fact that you won't disclose the price - Scandalous!

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