Friday, June 14, 2013

It's a Bird. It's a Plane. It's Dad?

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Girls,

Last year at this time (Father's Day), I let my impulse buying get the best of me and purchased a flying lesson for my husband.  I realized I never showed you the play-by-play of his up, up and away.  So, in the spirt of Father's Day (I mean, what's more loving than sending the father of your children thousands of feet into the air?), here's how the flying lesson went down.

The first step in learning to fly an airplane starts here inside the flight simulator.

Inside, my husband learned about taking off, flying, reading gauges, and landing an aircraft.

My boys and I loved watching the simulator move from the outside.  However, it was a bit alarming to watch as it "crashed" twice when my husband was "landing" the plane.

Apparently his poor performance inside the simulator didn't impact his ability to actually fly an airplane.  Minutes after the simulator instruction, it was time to check the fuel to make sure there was no water vapor in it. 

And then...I NERVOUSLY watched my guy get into the plane.

Bye honey.  Hurry home - the boys and I need you!

Runway time.

And we have take off.

From the ground our boys and I watched  as he became a speck in the clouds.
About 30 minutes later that little airplane landed to the relief of all of us (including my husband).  In the end, I think it truly was a great celebration of Father's Day.  We've never loved him more!

Happy Father's Day,

P.S.  This year I gave him lawn mowing services.  I kept the sky out of it and focused completely on the ground!

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Oh man.  I'm anxious just looking at these pictures.  That is a teeny tiny plane.  How cool for your husband though.  I like this year's gift too--the gift that gives to the whole family!  :)

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