Friday, June 7, 2013

Leaping Through NYC & Bethenny Frankel

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams


That's my NYC greeting.  I took a spring trip there for "work" and I have the pictures to prove it.  Since we're "going places" this week at Naptime Notebook, I'm reluctantly sharing the photos - reluctantly because they were really for my coworkers and my amusement while we toured the city - you'll understand why in a minute.  Oh, and the pictures are all from my phone, so please forgive the quality.  Finally, they're from a 36 hour period - it was kind of a whirlwind.  OK, enough set's just that there's a whole lotta Mrs. W. coming up and I'm nervous...

We arrived in town at 7:30am.  We were in Central Park by 8:30am.  Good Morning NYC.

And then...the leaping began.  I attempted to click my heels in celebration of  traveling.

You didn't think I'd go to NYC without a visit to Mr. Brian Williams did you?

Then, we walked to the start of High Line.  Yes, I jumped here too (and in front of all these peeps.)

We climbed down from the High Line to have lunch in Chelsea.

And then, we hopped, I mean, jumped,  back on the High Line to finish it out.

Once we walked to the Financial District, we stopped in at the NYC offices and then took a peak at Lady Liberty (she's right above the hand on the right).

Finally, around 6:00 pm we stopped walking and took a cab!  I really felt like jumping then!

The next morning, refreshed and ready for work, I took a jump outside of the conference doors.  Right after the conference, we headed back to the airport.

Oh, and here's a shot of the High Line.

We had drinks outside here ... the Dream Hotel.

My sons wanted a picture of the Statue of Liberty.

I had a fabulous time in NYC, but sometimes the best place we travel to is home.  I woke up to this note, a balloon, and a breakfast spread.

Wish you were there,

P.S.  When I landed in NYC, I said, "I want to see a celebrity."  And then...we did!

Hi Bethenny!  (That's how I look when pushing a stroller too!)

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  I'm a little disappointed that you didn't get a snapshot of Bethenny F. kicking her (what appear to be) 8 inch heels up along with you.  Who knew you were such a leaper?  You made Gene Kelly proud.  

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  NYC is so much fun and you are an amazing leaper!  BFrankel - those heels are KILLA!!!! 


Mrs. Kelly said...

I keep rereading this because it makes me smile. Not only do I love that you make the same face in every picture but I love how all the New Yorkers are oblivious. Check out the shot of you near the high line. Everyone is blissfully unaware that someone is kicking up her heels.

Karry said...

HAHahaha, hilarious! I've had to many babies to leap like that anymore!

Laura said...

Hahaha...all that leaping is hilarious. We could totally be friends :)

Amanda Rose said...

Bethenny is my favorite celeb! Also, you look so happy kicking up your heels! hoorah!

Amanda Rose

Naptime Notebook said...

Karry, you still have some leap in you. Laura, thanks. Amanda Rose, right?!

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