Friday, June 28, 2013

Let The Party Begin

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Girls - 

It's party time!  Today's a total flashback to last year's Carnival Birthday Party.  It was so much fun.  Actually, when I asked my oldest son what his favorite part of the party was, he said, "The best part was being with my friends."  I agree.  Here's how we celebrated with all of our friends.

Everyone entered along our side yard that we lined with balloons.
"Step right up!  Spin the Wheel of Candy!"
We made the ticket booth from a Discovery Kids lemonade stand.  The wheel of candy was filled with retro candy options like candy dots and salt water taffy.  Each kid gave the wheel a spin when they arrived.  Isn't the mark of every great party kids hyped up on sugar?

 Funny Photos

The photo station was right near the ticket booth.  Most families sat down for a photo when they arrived.  I gathered most of the hats from party stores.  I attempted to sew bow ties (not as easy as I thought) and I found the great carnival face sticks at Michael's in the dollar bins.

We printed off the family and friend photos and included them in the boys' thank you notes.

Face Painting

I recruited our teenage neighbor for the face painting station.  She drew up the face painting options (awesome!).  Then during the carnival, kids each got their face and/or arms painted.  The paints were from AC Moore.  With a coupon, they were under $5.


To be honest, the idea of feeding people kind of paralyzes me.  So, we kept the food simple, chips, burgers, hot dogs, and watermelon.  And, of course, cake.  People also munched on the popcorn when they arrived.  My father-in-law worked the grill during the party.  That was a great help!


The craft table was a last minute idea.  I saw some really cute $1 circus themed frame crafts at AC Moore.  I bought some paints and brushes at the Dollar Tree, and the craft table was ready.  Kids made some sweet and messy frames at the carnival.

Relay Races

I love me some relay races...and the kids did too.  This was a lot of fun at the party and really easy to set up.  We made relay race lanes using some really inexpensive yellow rope.  We tied knots at each rope end and secured them to the ground using golf tees.  I googled some relay race games and just used supplies from around the house.  It was so fun cheering for each of the kids.

We had a wonderful time putting together this family carnival.  I honestly thought my favorite part would be the decorating, crafting, or planning, but my son was right, the best part was when all of our friends showed up.

So fun!

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Feeling inspired.  I love how you had a guide for the face painting...that makes it so easy!   All the prep was worth it for those sweet, grinning faces.  When are you throwing the next bash?  Ahem, I'd like to be invited.

PS Hey everyone!  Starting next week, we will be posting a little less frequently for the summer.  We hope to have at least three posts a week (maybe more) but as we are all moms with little ones, the summer becomes an incredibly busy time.  We know you can all relate!  Btw, if you're interested in being a guest poster or have an idea for a post, send us an email!  Happy Summer!

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