Thursday, June 13, 2013

Paint Anyone?

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Gosling

What do you get a dad who has everything?  What do you get a dad who doesn't want anything?  What do you get a dad who gives you a reason to use your frog tape?  What do you get a dad who is a painting contractor?

A bucket of paint supplies?  YES!!!
Galvanized bucket from Target (I left outside in the rain for a day, to age it) - $3
2 paint brushes - $25
1 foam brush - 75c
Martha Stewart Chalkboard paint - I had this
Frog Tape - $7
Sherwin Williams paint fan deck - free
Next, I took my bucket and taped off the area that I wanted to paint.  I painted 4 very light coats of chalkboard paint and let them dry (about 1 hour, from start to finish).  I grabbed some tissue paper, arranged my supplies and wrote a note.

Another great idea.  A housewarming gift, graduation gift, new baby ...  There are so many possibilities that can fit your taste, budget and color scheme. 
Happy Father's Day to all you hardworking men out there!  We love you!

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Such a fun idea and you're right...this would be perfect for a housewarming gift.  You could even write their house number in the chalk part!  I like that you included a fan deck. Also the green frog tape looks pretty tucked in that basket.  You should add a note that reads, "Dad, you color my world."  :)

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