Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Good Problem ......

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Gosling

..... too many hostas!

You know I love RG, lemon loaf and a great perennial.  My FAV perennial is probably the hosta!  They look really delicate, but so hardy.  They require NOTHING and get bigger every year.  I mean, honestly .... low maintenance, pretty and rallies throughout the seasons.  It's kind of like me dun dun! 

Mine are growing by the minute.  I started with only five, 4 years ago and now I probably have over 50.  Every year I split them and split them ... but I am running out of room.  I will never throw them out though, it makes me sad to think that plants get dug up and thrown in the garbage.  They are living organisms and I don't like to think of that doomy, gloomy future for them.  So, last year instead of buying annuals ... I dug up my hostas to split and put in pots. 
AMAZING!  Amazing that I thought of it, amazing that I saved all that money on annuals and amazing that they just come back, don't ask questions and look fab! 
Aren't they pretty?  Pretty great ... except for the holes in the leaves.  I know, I know ... where did they come from.  Well friends - those pesky slugs and Japanese beetles.  They {heart} hosta leaves.  I always treat in late spring with this
It works wonders.  It will keep most spring/summer bugs from chomping on your plants but with all the rain that we have gotten, they are gaining speed.  Time for another treatment.  The trick, sprinkle in low wind at night and when it's not going to rain.  It will have a dusting coat on the leaves for about 3 days and then it will go away.  Don't use it near animals or kids - but once it is down, as long as they keep away ... everyone should be fine! 
Next spring, my hosta splitting is going to find it's new home in some window boxes.  Genius!!!

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Hostas are one of the only blooms I can keep alive in our front yard because we have so much shade. Hosta la vista annuals.  Sorry.  You know I was just waiting to write that, right?

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Karry said...

Hahahaha! "Hosta la vista annuals"!

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