Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Backyard Camping

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hi Girls - 

Around our house, summer usually brings my family running through the sprinkler, going out for ice cream, and grilling up some hamburgers.  This summer it brought something I've been trying to avoid since I met my husband (an outdoorsy-type guy)...camping.  I'm just not a camping girl.  Setting up the tent.  Laying out the sleeping bags.  Zipping the sides shut.  Sleeping on the hard ground.  Waking up a little damp at sunrise.  None of it's for me.  But, as you will see, it is for my boys.  And once again, I went along for the ride.

Here's the tent at our campsite (AKA backyard).  Pretty obvious that this tent has been packed up for a good eight years.

First step, inserting the stakes, um... posts, um...poles.

My oldest son was into the tent assembly.  My youngest son?  He was running around the backyard swinging around some sticks.

Zipping and unzipping.  Fun for hours.

At sunset, it was time to go to bed.

Sleep tight.  Don't let the mosquitoes bite.

Did I say sleep?  No way, first the boys had to play with the flashlights.

Coolest part of the tent according to my sons?  The zipper toggles that glow in the dark.

A wiggly sunset picture.  I have no idea why it came out this way.  Very abstract, no?
I took one long look at that pretty sunset and then said goodnight to the boys as I walked back into our house.  It turns out I really love camping with my boys.  They camp.  I sleep in a cozy bed where no one steals my sheets, no one wakes me up, and no one makes a peep all night.

The next morning they all joined me for breakfast.  My sons looked rested.  My husband?  Well, in his words, "It was a two-person-tent and I was the third man out."  I don't know what he's talking about.  I slept like a baby.

Happy Camping,

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sarah said...

MB, this is exactly how i camp too! we are going to have to send the boys (and z) to the cabin when you are visiting in august. that is by far their favorite campsite... as for us? well, i do believe we can "camp" in a living room with a movie, an endless bowl of popcorn and a little less humidity... (a.k.a. frizzy hair)

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