Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fabric Vases

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Ladies,

I seem to be acquiring a bunch of glass containers/vases in my old age.  They seem to be multiplying.  You know what else I have a lot of?  Fabric scraps.  I think they're multiplying too.  So, recently, I decided I would combine one with the other...and make some fabric covered vases.  It was super easy and the results are a sweet, unique vase.  Check it out.

Vases:  Before

Vases:  In progress.  For this vase, I cut up a bunch of fabric scrap squares and then randomly glued them to the vase with Fabric Mod Podge.  (My little one was all over that!)

Vases:  Drying.  Here are the four original vases - do you even recognize them in all their beautified glory?

Vases:  Dry and ready for some flowers.  

Right now the vases and flowers are spread all throughout my house.  They look so colorful.  It almost makes me want to buy more vases...almost.  

Hope you're having a good day,

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  Flowers in vases, especially fabric covered vases are guaranteed to brighten up any room.  Thanks for sharing such a personal and beautiful idea!

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  I think these would be perfect for a party to incorporate your colors or theme.  So fun!

1 comment:

Karry said...

Those are so pretty and on my to-do-list! My zinnias just started blooming yesterday, so I better get going!

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