Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Let's Go To The Movies

Passing Notes Today: Mrs. Kelly

Hey guys, 

Guess where we went this weekend?  Think Danny and Sandy, Wilma and Fred...


Yes!  We went to the drive-in!  And, we mostly had tons of fun (more on that later).  Now that we're a family of five, it costs a small fortune to go to the movies.  That is, unless, you go to the drive-in.  


$29 later (this included 4 tickets, since kids under 3 are free, and a food permit) we were handed a pink slip and directed to find our spot amongst the sea of cars.  


Believe it or not, it would cost $62 for just admission (evening) to our local theater. Then, add an additional $27 for food.  That means, $89 dollars for a family movie!!  In comparison, the drive-in at $29 for admission + $3.22 for food/drink, cost us $32.22.  That's a savings of $56.78!


Anyway, back to business.  When we first got there, the sun was still out.  We had some time to kill.


At this particular drive-in there is a mini golf course and concessions area.  


But since I'm a mean mom on a budget, the kids played on logs and had just as much fun.  I'm not sure why the children are wearing Christmas pjs in summer but I choose my battles.


I thought perhaps we could take a nice family photo with the pretty lighting.  Oh well.

Here's a picture of Girlfriend and I kicking back before the show.  Moms (and dads) this is one of those times when you'll actually love having a minivan.  Luxury at its finest.

It's getting darker!


And finally, the show begins.  The oldest two LOVED the movie and thought it was pretty fantastic that they could lie in their sleeping bags, watch a movie, and point out constellations.  The youngest child, however, was WAY overtired.  He screamed for a good forty minutes before finally falling asleep on me.  I was considerate of my fellow drive-in patrons so we spent a nice time hanging by the bathrooms.  Perhaps it was not our wisest decision bringing a not-yet-two year old to a drive-in.  Live and learn!

If you have older kids, they will probably LOVE the drive-in.  And your pocketbook will love it too.  Wait, do people still say pocketbook?  

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