Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Party Tips

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Gosling

Hey ladies, staying cool?

This past summer marks the 9th straight year that I have been throwing parties.  Housewarming, baby showers, birthday, Easter, wedding ... you name it, I feel like I have hosted it.  I never have felt that party throwing was a chore ... sure, you have to clean the house, go shopping, finish up all the last minute honey-do-list tasks BUT I love getting together with friends and family.  I also have a hubby that is willing to do most of the cleaning after a party so I feel less pressure.  Recently, we had a party marathon at the house (boy birthday party and my sister's baby shower).  It was a busy weekend, but it was nice to have the parties back to back.  We were very grateful for the nice weather and happy company! 

Again, I felt a lot less pressure because I had the help of my other sister and mother.  All hands on deck for this party, we divided the duties, went shopping and came back together to pull off a very successful and laid back shower.  Laid back with 40 woman?  Yes.  It's true.  We kept it really relaxed, but fun and color coordinated.  We also spent most of the time making fun of ourselves or quoting early 90's movies.

1 - My sister and her hubby don't know what they are having so we used yellow as our jumping off point.
2 - My other sister is a PreK teacher, so her paper cutting recreating into something magical abilities really came into play.
3 - The favors, wine coolers!  When in doubt, give people booze.
4 - We rented chairs.  We probably could have borrowed from everyone we knew, but at only $1.50/chair .. it was worth it.
5 - We ordered wraps from our local grocery store (Wegmans) and made everything else.  Less work and more room in the refrigerator.
6 -  We bought 2 bouquets of flowers from Trader Joe's and used clippings from the yard, for filler.  We made 8 flower arrangements around the house and saved about $60.
Here are some pictures of the set up.  It was a great day and I hope that every party from here on out, is just as wonderful. 
Lemon loaf is a wonderful thing
My sister made tags to place on the wine cooler favors.  "We hope that Canada has epidurals" might have been a quote :)
Remember this DIY project
We can't wait for the baby to arrive, only a couple more weeks! 

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Love the bright colors!  I think another party is in order for baby's arrival.  Also, need the lemon loaf recipe!


Sew Much To Say said...

What a beautiful party. Your display made everything look so perfect.

Amanda Rose

Karry said...

Great photos of the party! I love all of the yellow! Here's a link to the paper fans for anyone who wants to make them!
Source: Design Improvised

Naptime Notebook said...

Thanks Karry. I love those fans and think it's a pretty rad alternative to the pom poms. -Mrs. Kelly

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