Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer tape bunting

Passing notes today:  Team Gosling

Hey ladies!  

About a month ago we bought a sun shade for our back deck.  Not sure why it took so long to do this - we have been melting every summer in the hot, hot sun.  I kept thinking that we would have to spend loads of money for shelter.  No my friends, no!  $50 later (we purchased on a flash sale) and we were in business  ( + $10 in PT wood).  The man of da' house put it up and .......ahhhh, shade!  Those maple tree helicopters ain't got nothing on us - we laugh at them now!

So, I channeled my inner Mrs. W  (you know she's all about the deets) and decided to dress the deck area up.  I thought  about lights and thought and thought ... I love how twinkles look on a deck but I'm not digging the bug scene.  Bugs already ruin summer nights in upstate NY, so I didn't want to draw more in.  Then I thought, fabric?  NAH!  Lots of thread, lots of sewing and lots of potential mold!!!  When in doubt - Duct tape.  Well, sort of kind of like duct tape but the same thing ... kind of!

I whipped out some twine I already had (true story) and picked up some novelty packaging tape at the local craft store.  I really wanted duct tape, for it's durability and because it is the best invention - EVER!  But, I just couldn't find the colors that I was looking for (I think that everyone else had the same idea and blue & red were already taken) .......  it's cool, I found this

And I made this
It was very easy (shocker) and with my coupon, only cost $4.  I cut the strips the same length and clipped the bottoms with pinking sheers.  I will keep it up there as along as the boys allow OR until the next big thunderstorm rolls through.  I don't know about you, but NY has been hit with some major rain lately - about 10" since May.  Geesh! 
What do you do to dress up your outside?  Lights, flags, paint?
Happy Summer



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Sew Much To Say said...

Love it! Perfect for the holiday.

Amanda Rose

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