Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cedar Plank Window Box Update

Passing Notes:  Mrs. Gosling & Mrs. Hepburn

So, I'm a little embarrassed to show you this.  Not about the window box itself or the way I hung it up or the WOLF spiders that live in the corner of the dining room window .... but, the way that the hostas transplanted.  I dug them up and they were looking pretty good.  Well, season appropriate drought ridden good.  Since I have moved them .... eh, not so much.  However, I am hopeful that they will bounce back.  Actually I am certain that they will.  I know in my heart that hostas are one of the hardiest perennials and they can usually be transplanted at any time.  I also know in my heart that I will not enjoy their "glory" until next spring.  That's cool.  I'm patient. 

And this is why I enjoy the Audrey Hepburn quote.  In my younger years (sniff, sniff) - I wanted the garden NOW.  Like yesterday.  In my older years (still lookin' fine) I am much more patient and I plant and snip and mulch and prune for a better tomorrow.  I envision our yard at high school graduations (11 years down the road) and the grandbaby showers.  When we started at this house there was nothing and now there is something.  A real something.  We have bushes, trees, perennials, hiding spots, Christmas light branches  .....  I find so much happiness in watering what we have grown at our Casa.  Which makes this reveal that much more pathetic.  But here it is goes. 
I can't do it ...
I'm sorry for the lame state of my plants ...
I feel like Grover, not wanting to turn the page
Here is goes.  Don't hate me.
Not my finest hour.  I know.  But that's why I plant for tomorrow.  Next Spring this window box will be the talk of the town.  Or the basketball court!
Hosta La Vista

PS - You saw that correctly ... Miss Thang (aka A Hep) was wearing sequins in the garden.  Love her! 

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  I too wear sequins in my garden.  ;)  This post made me laugh!  You'll show those hostas who's boss one day.

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