Friday, August 23, 2013

Double Duty Cedar Planks

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Gosling

Who is officially over Summer?  I know, you can't imagine thinking it ... but I am a little.  The couple "unbearable" weeks in July were too much heat for my annuals ... they all look a little .... lame.  And the record breaking rainfall we had, didn't do anything for my garden.  It was too much rain, in too little time.  The tomatoes, cukes and peppers pulled the short straw on that deal.  They looked pathetic. 

So, in an effort to prepare for the end of summer:

can you see the faint blue spray paint?  guess what it outlines?

We decided to rip out the garden and its cedar planks.  We put it in 2 years ago, along the fence line to soak up the rays and discourage the weeds that grow along there.  Rays, check!  Weeds, not successful!  They put up a great fight and usually won in the end.  Back-breaking weed pulling continued.  I would have loved to keep it there, but our plans to expand our driveway basketball court in the back, WON!  I was trumped.  Actually, it wasn't even an argument.  We have 4 boys, they love basketball and I can't cook dinner and watch them in the front.  So, we get a court in the back.  Instead of spending our "piggy" money on this

so pretty
We are spending it on this
Psyche.  Keep dreaming kiddies.  Something a little more "small scale" is coming your way

In order to prepare for this makeover, we needed to move things around.  One of which were some of my hostas.  I decided to make a window box out of the cedar planks and put the hostas in it.  That way I can move the plants, use the wood and dress up the dining room window.  Done & Done! 

The garden used to be here. Now I'm thinking arborvitaes for height and basketball-over-the-fence-defense

I cut the brackets with this guy. "Hey Guy"  
And, I sanded all the rough edges
The screw holes are from the garden construction.  I didn't do anything with them, because I think that it makes it look TOUGH!
Confession:  When making something this like, I don't like to worry too much about the deets.  I used the actual length of the planks (60") and just freehanded the brackets.  I wanted to use what I had onsite, so I didn't have to spend any $$$ ... so I didn't buy stainless steel nails.  I just used finishing nails that I had and called it a day.  I will eventually prime and paint the window box (when I paint the house again, WHAT?) so I will try to combat any nail rust. 

And now that it's up (I used heavy duty wall hangers and anchored screws into the shingles & plywood) it looks like this.  Now it's time to add the dirt and dig up the hostas.  Stop back for the final REVEAL! 

Can you dig it?

Note from Mrs. Williams:  I totally dig it! 

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