Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Estate Sale Necklace Repair

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Gosling and Kelly,

True Confession:  I'm addicted to estate sales.  

I love everything about them - the fact that I can preview the pics of items for sale before the sale, the fact that I get to go into houses (I love houses), the fact that I get to actually shop, and the fact that on some days I find the perfect thing.  

One day I found a bright and funky beaded necklace.  Then, I bought it.  Then, I wore it to the car.  And then...it broke.

At first I panicked (had I wasted $3?).  Then, I remembered that I had some beading supplies and I could probably put it all back together again.

First step, gather supplies:  jewelry wire, a new clasp, green beads (that I already had, I guess I really like Kelly green, huh), pliers, and some cincher beads* (*not a technical term).

Since I needed to string the beads on a new piece of jewelry wire, I added a clasp to one end of the wire and pinched the cincher beads to secure the clasp.

I took the broken necklace as an opportunity to make it a little longer (it was a bit of a choker when I bought it).  I added ten of the small Kelly green beads to each end.

Then, I began restringing the vintage beads.

Half of the old...half of the new.

A few minutes later, I had a fancy new/old necklace.

So there you have it, the progression of my estate sale necklace purchase --- victory (fun find), failure (broken), to victory (better and stronger than ever).  What do you say girls?  Wanna join me on my next estate sale hunt?


Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Find me one of those necklaces, would you?  So pretty.  I would never think to add beads to make it the right length.  Genius!  

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