Thursday, August 15, 2013

Garage Sale, anyone?

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. G, W, K and Mrs. Presley

You know that feeling you get, when you see a "Sale" sign at the end of a street and you have 5 minutes to spare?  Like, maybe there will be something that you totally need and it only costs, $2?  I get that feeling when I look through the Estate Sale section ..... I also get that feeling when I pass a "barn sale" sign.  Unfortunately, I never get to any of these because I usually have someone sleeping, someone eating or someone yelling my name.  I can't wait for the days when I can freely stroll through a sale, with my chai in hand and leather tote over my shoulder.  My hubs keeps telling me to "dream on."  Something about a 40 hour/week job.  What?

Since we love the idea of buying something at a great price, we thought we should have a multi-family garage sale so we can encourage other peeps to have the same feelings.  We kept it pretty easy peasy.  After collecting all of our goods, we color coded them with seller specific stickers and set them out just so, to organize them by category.  2nd hand merchandising tips - I think that I took a course in college on this (psyche)! 

We also prayed for good weather and sent the Gosling household men to the Y!  

Here are some other tips we thought we should share
1 - have one person "man" the money.  It's easier to write down the sales per seller and then divvy up at the end

2 - organize the tables/yard by section (ie: baby, kitchen, decor ...)

3 - price to sell and be ready to "wheel & deal."  You are selling it for a reason, right?  Someone else can use it and a bird in the hand is worth more than 2 in the bush!

Lara's wheelin' and dealin'

4 - once you sell 30% of your items, reorganize.  It'll drum up energy and keep you busy.

5 - when the sale is over, have 1 person take everything to Goodwill/thrift/VOA or have them pick it up.  Check out your local organizations for more information.  Take the tax write off of you can't sell it.  Someone else will benefit from your donation.

Don Draper driving to Goodwill
6 - place a Craigslist ad with pictures and descriptions.  People searching for specific items will find your upcoming sale and pencil it in on their calendars.  We had people approach us before the sale and stop by.  Encourage additional sales outside of the garage sale date and you might make better profits.

Our sale was successful.  We had wonderful weather and met some new neighbors.  

Time to go shopping for new stuff!
All the girls

Note from Mrs. Kelly:

Here are some other kernels of wisdom...
1.  If you are having a garage sale with multiple people, don't tell each other you're getting coffee.  Then, you could end up with three very large cups of coffee and you will be over-the-top-delightful (loaded up with caffeine) for your patrons.

2.  Be Like Mrs. Gosling.  We picked on her because she added little notes to her items like, "Would be perfect in a dorm room" or "Works great for corn" (truth) but she had the last laugh and somewhere, somone is making corn in their new pot.

Mrs. Gosling: (true story)

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Karry said...

Hahahaha, I still think the lamp would have sold if we had written "produces light" on it. Nice post.

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