Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Goodwill Bed Makeover

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly

Hey Girls,

So when I was strolling my favorite store a while back, I stumbled across this headboard.  It was $4.99.  I figured at this price, if it didn't work out, it cost me about the same as my Starbucks order (sad commentary, yes I know).  


Check out the honey goodness color.
This rope bed made me think of the Jenny Lind beds I have coveted from Land of Nod.  The problem is the full size bed there costs $649 plus shipping.  That's a whole lot of Starbucks!  

I then made like Sherry Petersik (sorry, blog humor for you) and got a sprayin' with some black gloss paint.   I think the end product turned out cute.  Hey, for less than ten bucks, what do you want from me?!



Goodwill is always roping me in...get it...because it's a rope bed? Seriously I should write for Saturday Night Live.

Note from Mrs. Gosling: 

1 - You should totally write for SNL.  I will build the sets & get your double pump mocha's

2 - Your wordplay makes me snort every time. 

3 - I'm a sucker for plaid
4 - S Petersik ain't got nothin' on you and your sprayin skillz!

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