Friday, August 9, 2013

Maine 2013

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Gosling & Co.


Ever since my hubby was little, he has been going to Maine.  A great state, where animals run free, lobsters are cheap and plentiful AND life is easy!  The year we got engaged (2003), I was fortunate enough to become part of this tradition.  I am very grateful for my in laws, extended in law family and great friends, for this opportunity.  This year was no exception - there were about 25 adults, 9 kids and 3 dogs.  The week is super casual, you come and go when you can, eat & drink until your hearts' content, star gaze, rock skip, play battleship, eat M&M's by the handful and don't worry about emails, texts and phone calls (because you can't get service anyway)!
Here are some pics from our trip! 
Guess what I am looking for?  Land!  We have never seen our children happier than when they were kayaking and spending the day in the water.  Taking vacation donations, now.  Cash would be great.
Still detoxing

If you are interested in going to Maine, check out Homeaway.  We are lucky enough to stay with family or rent from friends of friends but we have used homeaway before for other vacations and it works out well.  If you know the town that you are interested in - you could always call the town hall.  People up there, they just know everyone and who is renting.  They are also just that nice and will help you if they can. 
Enjoy the rest of your Summer! 

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Did you see Taylor Swift at all?  Because I feel like I always see her milling around Maine and the Cape.  Can I stowaway with you for your next trip?  Really would anyone notice one more person in that compound?

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