Friday, August 2, 2013

Shell Wreath

Passing Notes Today: Mrs. Kelly

Hey guys,
Remember how we went to Florida? Well, a trip to the sunshine state would not be complete without at least one visit to the beach. The kids LOVED the beach. They waded in the water, made sand castles, watched the waves and collected seashells. We brought our shell collection back with us but weren't sure what to do with all of them.

Then when I was in Michaels I saw these little wreaths for 99 cents. I liked that their background was a sandy color so in case every nook and cranny wasn't covered, it would still look beachy.


I came home with my new wreath and that afternoon washed all our shells (lots of effort here...rinsing them and all).


Later, I decided to tackle a late night crafting session.  Not so funny aside here--I burned the he*# out of my thumb doing this little project, so please be careful.  It probably would have been better to add glue to the wreath and then the shells...instead of applying glue directly to the shells. 

Here you have the finished product:  one lovely shell wreath made of shells from West Palm Beach and one terribly burned thumb.  I think this is a fun little memento from our trip.  But also it was a simple and inexpensive craft. I thought you could use it as a picture frame with a picture from your beach trip, too.  Or, a candle base perhaps? 


Sea Ya Later,

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