Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Springdale Farm

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly

Have you guys been to Springdale Farm?  The great part about this place is you can spend a few minutes or an entire afternoon here depending on your schedule.  You can check out their website for more information on tours and schedules.  The farm is operated by Heritage Christian Services.  As you can see below, they do an amazing job.  It's so beautiful here.


For someone who just finished reading Charlotte's Web, this was a real treat.  That there is "SOME PIG."


I guess there's something to that saying 
about being as happy as a pig in mud.

True story:  goats are way easier to photograph than my children.  I "kid"  you not.  Bahaha.

Have I mentioned how beautiful the grounds are?

So much to do!


Ireland or Western New York?



There's a playground and a pavilion, so pack a lunch!  It felt great to be outside and surrounded by such beauty.   We embraced Charlotte's words (to Wilbur the Pig), "Never hurry and never worry."


If you have a chance you should really visit!

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  LOVE Springdale Farms!  Family favorite for the Gosling Clan.  Just down the road is Whittier Farms, where we frequent for apple picking.  I smell a blog post! 

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