Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Art On The Cheep

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly

Hi Mrs. G. and Mrs. W.,

On a recent thrifting adventure, I spotted a cute bird print.  The frame looked rather dated and country-esque but I knew it had potential.  Also, the price was right.  It was 50% off of $2.99.  So I snatched up my little piece of art for $1.50.

Here's what she looked like when she came home:


I loved this sweet picture. It had FIVE chicadees and we're a family of five. Plus, it was a signed print by the artist (as in, it wasn't photocopied)!


That afternoon, I sanded the frame and taped the edges with painter's tape.


Then with some leftover black paint and a foam brush, I painted a few coats.


I didn't wait long after the last coat was applied to pull the tape. I let the paint dry over night and then with a razor, removed any black paint that had seeped. And voila... 


So much better!  Isn't it sweet? All for $1.50. Eventually, maybe I'll reframe/mat it, but for now, it works.

Check ya later Chickadees!

A note from Mrs. Williams:  Where did you hang your new "cheap"  art?

Note from Mrs.K.:  This will go with my seasonal collection.  As soon as the first snow falls (next week), I'll put it up!  :)

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