Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cube Ottoman

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Ladies,

Sometimes when I get catalogs in the mail I pretend they're actually magazines (my true favorite type of mail) and use them as inspiration (rather than a reminder of what I don't have).  When I recently found the Garnet Hill catalog in my mailbox, I started "reading" and found myself really inspired.  Page 36 stopped me in my tracks. The Chevron Ottomon.  So cute.  So fun.  


$168!  That seemed like a hefty price (not including shipping and tax) for an item that I was pretty sure we could make ourselves.  Plus, it's kind of a trendy piece - not something I wanted to invest in, but something that would be fun to add to the house for now.  So, I showed my husband the picture.  He was all like, "I can make a box, but you'll need some legs."  

Cue the garage sale that I dragged my boys to the next day.  What did I discover in a random paper bag?  Legs...well, I'm not really sure if they're supposed to be legs, but I figured we could make them work.

My husband picked up a sheet of plywood at Home Depot ($15ish), made a cube, attached the "legs" and then handed it over to me.

I picked up some fabric and batting at JoAnn's ($10ish) and started covering the cube.  First, I hot glued some of the batting to the cube.

Then, I sewed the cover.  I totally made up the whole sew-a-cover-process as I went along - so I will not be sharing any specific instructions.  

And now, here she is ... my very own chevron ottomon.

And just for fun, since I made it so the cover can slip on and off, I sewed another cover.  I think I'm going to have some serious good times dressing up this ottomon in different "clothes."

Talk soon,

P.S. - Apparently Garnet Hill inspires other people too.  Check out how my good friend, Kate, transformed an entire wall in her bedroom using a Garnet Hill rug as inspiration here.

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  Holla!  You are "sew" amazing at makeovers!  

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Can we go back to you picking up legs at a garage sale?  :)  Finished product is loverly!

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