Friday, September 27, 2013

Curbside Pickup Transformation

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hi Mrs. K. and Mrs. G.,

If you have a weak stomach, you may want to look away right now....

I know what you're thinking - "That is disgusting!  Where did Mrs. Williams even get that thing - the trash?!"  Why, yes - in fact, I did pick up it up from the trash (really quickly, so no one could see that I put its nastiness in my car.)  

When I got home I put on some rubber gloves, removed the random carpet square stapled onto the stool, and gave it a good scrub down.  The "fabric" was vinyl - so it actually washed up really well (and believe it or not, it was in fine condition underneath the pea green carpet grossness.)

Once it was all cleaned up, I painted the legs.

Then, as an extra layer of protection (from its former life), I wrapped the entire thing in duct tape (I was about halfway done in this pic.)

Next step - sewing.  I bought a shower curtain for this project because you get a lot of fabric for a fairly cheap price.  Also, I tried sewing piping with the actual fabric for the first time with this project to line the top (not very hard, but you need a bunch of fabric - good thing I had that huge shower curtain.)  Once my cover was sewn, I added a bunch of batting to the stool.

Then, I stapled it all down underneath, and ta da - here she is all covered.

Can you believe someone was going to throw it out?  

Gotta go read some magazines and put my feet up for a rest,

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  "Can you believe someone was going to throw it out?"  Yes.  Yes, I can.  Having said that, I will remember that old saying about never judging a book.  That's one sweet little stool.  Love the fabric.  Love the legs.  It makes me want to sing, "Dip baby, dip."  Nicely done.

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