Friday, September 20, 2013

Finishing What I Started...

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Gosling

I have to confess something.  No, I'm not really a super model with 4' legs and a Brazilian tan!  Shocker! 

I never really finished the Guest Room Bathroom that I showed you a while back.  I only 99.9% finished it. 

Remember it?
This is what I had left to do and for some reason it has taken me over 2 YEARS to do it.  Something about 2 more kids and no AC played a part (insert exhausted humor followed by love & gratitude here). 

At the time, I was trying to avoid having a little piece of tile at the forefront of the bathroom threshold.  I kept thinking that it would be stepped on repeatedly and eventually come popping up.  But then someone pointed out that the first couple inches of tile ... don't actually get stepped on.  It's natural for an adult to step over the threshold, clearing the beginning tile and kids, well, they run everywhere and actually never touch the ground.  So I did some measuring and cut my tile to perform my post makeover bathroom surgery. 
I also bought a wood threshold, instead of marble, to finish the job.  Marble was more expensive and I was in a frugal kind of mood that day.  And really, the oak is fine.  Once it is poly'd up, it will match our hardwoods and I would rather spend the extra money on a Butterfinger.  True story.  I bought a Butterfinger leaving the home improvement store and ate it before leaving the parking lot.  DELISH! 

I started to "dremel" the grout out, but quickly realized that didn't agree with a sleeping child.  Now, I have to do it by hand.  Here is my dandy little "scrape anything away" tool.  As you can imagine - its going slowly.  
Qep Tile Tools 10015 Carbide Backerboard Scoring Knife

My plan of attack

1 - finish grinding out the old grout
2 - check the closet for more grout (I'm thinking good thoughts that we still have some)
3 - carefully pry up the old tiles
4 - scrape away the old thinset and reapply
5 - regrout/stain protectant

Stay tuned for part deux!

Keeping my nose to the "grind"stone

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  You're a tease.

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