Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Monthly Thrift Finds

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly

Hey guys,

I thought I'd share some of my recent thrift finds over the past month.  I love finding treasures and I especially love shopping that doesn't break the bank.  I can find something useful or meaningful that otherwise might have landed in a dump.  So really, I'm a master recycler.

This little sugar cup goes with my china and it was too "sweet" to pass up for $1.99.  It's small.



I'd been looking for a little plant stand for my front step and, as luck would have it, I found this.  I love this little stand because of the green patina on it.  Also, I loved the price tag.  It was $4.99.  Did I mention it's iron?



This little chotchke was $1.99.  I don't know what it is but I liked the height.  

gw find

I was sooo excited to find these prints.  They are original prints by a local artist.  The subjects, local barns, are right around the corner from my house.  One sits in front of the kids' school.  I can't wait to reframe them!  They were $2.99 a piece.



Keeping with the farm theme, here are my lovely cow bells. I can't tell you how excited I was to find these.  Dork!


This canvas was $1.99. For all I know, it was painted by an aspiring artist or sold to the masses at Target.  Either way, for two bucks, it's a fun pop of color. 
  Then, just when I was feeling totally proud of my thrifting expeditions, my son brought this home:

gw paper

AHHHH!  Busted.  Ok, so it's not for everyone.  In the meantime, find any good treasures lately?  I love to see what people find!


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Karry said...

I love the barn prints - good find!

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