Thursday, September 19, 2013

Reupholstering Isn't for Wimps

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Girls,

On TV they make it look so easy...reupholstering.  Take it from me, I've lived it (as you're about to see), and it's no joke. My reupholstering adventure starts in the same way a lot of my adventures do...with my mom. She picked up a chair at a huge garage sale.  It was velvety.  It was $5.  It was already stripped down (nails and old fabric removed) when she gave up or at least gave it to me.  This is how it looked when it arrived at my house...

At first we discussed painting the legs, but since they were so simple, we decided keeping them natural wood would work better - we thought a color on them would cheapen them, you know?

Like I said, she had already removed thousands (that's what it feels like when you are pulling out nail after nail after nail after nail) of the nails that attached the old fabric.

I added some new batting on the seat.

Then, I started stapling the new fabric onto the frame. This is truly the last in-progress shot I have to share with you.  I know why, too.  It's because when you're stapling and adjusting and pulling fabric tight, and spending hour after hour (no joke) adding layers of fabric to a chair, you just don't think to pick up the camera, until...

It's finished.

Do you see the box pleat and the nail holding it into place at the bottom of the chair.  That was not intentional.  It was our only way to solve the excess fabric bubbling up at the bottom of the chair.  It works, particularly if you always put this chair up against a wall!

Check out the cording.

Some pretty upholstery nails.

Here's what I learned in this experience.  The chair may be cheap when you buy it, but you'll definitely pay later in time spent on the project.  I'm sure my mom and I could get better and faster and more skilled, but I'm not sure if we have the patience to even try.  For now, I'm just going to put this chair up against a wall and not let anyone ever sit in it!

See you later,

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  That's one hell of a before/after. I'm amazed. I want you and your mom to go on Flea Market Flip.  You'd rock it!  All the work was worth it.  Your chair is so sweet and mod.  Paging Lara...

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