Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I waited years for this ....

Passing Notes Today:   Mrs. Gosling

.... to make Custom Silhouettes for the Fireplace.  The moment presented itself and I was ready for the challenge.  As my co-bloggers can attest, I work mostly and best, under pressure. So .....

In May, when I was preparing the house for this party, I decided it was finally time to pull the trigger on the Fireplace.  Which was perfect timing because I had been VERY patient for many years .... to decorate.  I never quite knew how to finish the fireplace space.  We always knew (hoped) that we would have 4 children.  So, while we waited for Baby #4 to be old enough to sit for a profile picture ... I just didn't put anything up there.  It was a little pathetic, but I was cool with it.  I didn't want to spend money on something I didn't love and anything that size, would have cost a pretty penny. 

My inspiration really came from a Frame sale at Joann fabrics.  These frames were on Memorial Day sale for $6 each.  They were 60% off and I had an additional 15% coupon.  AMAZING.  Truly AMAZING!  They came with the mats and were the perfect size.  Because I was running around to get ready for the party, I didn't take any "during" photos (sorry, sorry ... don't hate).  However, here is a run down of what I did. 

Custom Silhouette Process
1 - Take profile pictures against a wall
2 -  Print them out (for me, I formatted 8 x 10)
3 - Cut them out
4 - Trace the cutouts onto black paper and carefully cut those out
5 - Glue stick them onto you mat
After I was done - I chose to hang them up using command strips.  Partly because I didn't feel like walking to the mudroom to get the drill, anchors and screws.  But, mostly, because I didn't want to have 8 more holes in wall. 
Command™ Picture Hanging Strips; Large, White 
What do you think?
Hey ladies!

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  You rocked it.  Things I love about this project:  1.) price, 2.) has personal meaning and 3.) is neutral enough to fit with any decor.  They look great over the mantel.  Love the lady killer in the last pic.  

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