Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Just batty

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Gosling

I love Country Living magazine

Truth be told, I love most magazines.  I like to dog ear the pages, rip them out, even save them for years.  I find inspiration, season to season, through magazines.  Especially, in the fall.  Fall is a great time of year for decorating because you have time to re-acquaint yourself, with your house.  The heat subsides, the kids are off to school and holiday decor is in full swing.  Just this past weekend, I did a major edit job on our holiday chochkes.  I good willed 75% of what we had ( Mrs. K - if you find matching pumpkins that light up at GW .... This girl).  I was over my old stuff and hoping to keep it super simple.  

Just as I thought how can I start fresh for Halloween ... I saw this on the table.


Strong, confident and bold!  I like the contrast of white and black

I got to thinking.  How could I incorporate black halloween decor without really trying.  So, I called my sister, Mrs. Presley.
I told her how much I loved the bats above her fireplace last year and how much I would love them above mine, more.  I asked, she agreed.  PERFECT!

I would like to say I have a step by step on how she cut them out.  If I were to do them, I would:

1 - find a bat image on google
2 - print that out and cut
3 - transfer to a gazillion black sheets
4 - cut

But, Mrs. Presley has mad skills and she probably did it while making dinner, doing laundry and drinking coffee!  

Here they are in all their glory

And here is what I felt like when I walked around the house that night to turn off all the lights

minus the blonde hair, blue polyester suit and perfect lip liner.  You get the picture ....

Happy Halloween,

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Do you think you or your sister could cut up mini Gene Kelly silhouettes that I could put up for Valentine's day?  I'm giving you notice.  The bats are so fun!

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