Thursday, October 24, 2013

You Bring Meaning To My Life, You're The Inspiration

Hey Ladies,

I have you both to thank for my little hallway face lift.  Our entryway was boring - just kind of there.  

One day I got to thinking, "What would Mrs. Gosling Do?"  WWMGD.  

I remembered her snazzy stripes and decided I should get on it already.  I chose the paint color of our living room since I already had it and also, because I thought it would help tie in the rooms.  I taped very carefully.  I measured.  I retaped.  Then I used the existing wall color paint to paint over the taped lines to seal them.  And after that dried, I painted the contrasting bars.  I pulled the tape and surprisingly, it came out awesome.  I love it!

After that was finished, I needed some artwork.  Remember my awesome barn prints I scored at Goodwill for less that ten bucks?  Well, I decided they should go in my entry!  But first, I needed to reframe them.  I then asked myself, "What would Mrs. Williams do?" WWMWD  I remembered her tip on framing and buying mats.  I bought some frames at Target and then took them to our local frame shop to have oversized mats cut to the specifications of the frame.  It was way cheaper this way but it still turned out great.  

They went from this:

Still pretty!

To this:

A little more modern!

And there you have a little update ala Gosling and Williams. 

Thanks, ladies.  

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  YAY for great carpet runners, striped walls and up cycled art.  Your makeover is perfect!

Note from Mrs. Williams:  Your makeover looks amazing!  I love how all the tones from the carpet, stripes, and pictures tie together.

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