Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Table Makeover Inspired By Pottery Barn

Passing Notes Today: Mrs. Kelly 

 Hey Y'all, 

Today I'm going to show you our kitchen table makeover. Here was my inspiration--the Keaton table from Pottery Barn retails at $1600.

Our kitchen table was looking way more shabby than chic. We have a kitchen remodel in our future some day so I didn't want to go out and buy a new table (certainly not to the tune of $1600).  I just hoped to spruce up our existing piece.  It's oak and very sturdy.  And, best of all, it fits in our tiny breakfast nook.  Here's how it looked when we started:

Here she is disassembled and in our garage.

Check out all the chipping and marks.  This was before sanding!

We used a chemical stripper at first but I started to get all freaked out by the chemicals in the chemical stripper.  So then, my awesome husband sanded that table down.  He spent a few nights out in the garage sanding.  

Then came the fun part of applying stain.  

The stain and polyurethane was a royal pain in the you-know-what.  It took far longer than we thought it would to complete this project.  Try a month longer.  Ah well, the patience was worth it because in the end the table top turned out like this...

But she still wasn't complete.  I bought some chalk paint at the Purple Painted Lady.  I actually used a sample size to do the legs of the table.  Then I waxed.  And after that, I distressed.  I'm pretty happy with the end result!  The chalk paint was super easy to use.  It costs a little more but for an impatient lady like myself, it's an amazing product.  You don't really need to prep the wood beforehand.  You just start painting.  I think this table looks better than before!  Would you agree?

I can't imagine why Pottery Barn didn't have a blue booster seat in its ad.
Don't you think it adds to the charm?

I probably spent about forty bucks total for the remodel project and far more in sweat equity.  My husband is laughing while he is reading this because he did the lion's share of this project!  Love him.

Now if only I could do something about that floor.  Hah!


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Moe Daniels said...

Wow, what a difference! It looks beautiful! I give you and the husband both so much credit because I've found that the actual work involved in doing a project like this is never as hard as finding the motivation and energy to just start doing it. Yeah, I'm looking at you, scratched-up coffee table that's been on my to-do list for the last 4 years.

Might I make a suggestion? This nifty little chair changed our lives, at least from an aesthetic standpoint. Ikea calls it a "junior" chair, and it basically is just a chair with a higher seat so it can pull right up to the table and put your kid at the right height. Boom. No more hideous booster with cracks and straps for oatmeal and mashed Cheerios to hide in and cling to. The antique stain might go nicely, but we have it in white, and though the picture makes it look bright white, it really is more of an off-white. It would look really nice with your beautifully redone table!


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