About The Girls

Mrs. Kelly, or WWIDH, and Her Main Man
Meet Mrs. Kelly.  Wait what?  Gene Kelly wasn't regularly featured in Tiger Beat in 1989?  Anyway, in spite of a long-time crush on Eugene, Mrs. K. found an equally charming guy to settle down with.  She and her husband, the Esquire, have three beautiful children:  a five year old son (Professor), a three year old daughter (Blondie) and a baby son (Bubba).  In addition to old MGM musicals, Mrs. K. loves Starbucks drive-thrus, home design, photography and yoga pants (in no particular order). She is a stay-at-home-mom who most days feels very grateful for the opportunity to be at home with her children.  For the record though, Mrs. Kelly loathes the term stay-at-home-mom, or worse, the acronym SAHM.  She is thus adopting a new acronym:  WWIDH (Wonder Woman In Da House).

Mrs. Gosling and Ryan.
They're "going to have to work at this every day."
Meet Mrs. Gosling.  When she isn't busy reenacting the famous rain scene from The Notebook she is managing a bustling household.  Mrs. G. lives with her dear husband, The Don,  four gorgeous little boys (Munchkins 1, 2, 3 & 4) and one sweet Labrador Retriever.  Mrs. Gosling is a talented seamstress, DIY'er, and "This Old House" fan.  She is another WWIDH!  An ideal day would involve Ryan, the Don, the munchkins, gardening, Bravo television and lemon loaf from Starbucks!

Mrs. Williams and Her Lovable Sidekick
Meet Mrs. Williams.  Sometimes it's hard to believe she isn't wearing glasses yet when she's constantly in the presence of that mega-kilowatt smile and glowing skin.   Mrs. W. lives with her amazing husband and their two sweet boys.  Oh and a goldfish.  Can't forget the goldfish!  When Mrs. W. isn't busy managing her brood or redecorating her pad, she is molding the young minds of America and confiscating actual notebooks (she's a teacher!).  Mrs. Williams also likes to sew and stalk HomeGoods.  Sometimes she stalks while sewing...multitasking at its finest.

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