Is This Blog For You?

That depends.  Do you like Gene Kelly or Ryan Gosling or Brian Williams (our fake husbands)?  Kidding.  But seriously, this blog is a throwback to our school days when we all kept those silly notebooks.  You know the ones, right?  We passed them back and forth.  We talked about our crushes (Kelly, Gosling and Williams), dreams, achievements, hopes, fears, frustrations, music, fashion and friends! 

Here's our modern notebook.

We are a little bit home decor (check out this kitchen transformation on a dime or this bathroom project).  We are a little DIY (see this post on a magnetic chalkboard, this one on a travel tote for road trips or this one on barnwood).  We are a little bit rant (check out this one on things that scare us or this one about babies).  We are a little bit adventure (check out our trip to Painting With a Twist).  We are a little bit foodie.  And we're a whole lot of fun!  

Come join us (we love guest posters too) and pass the notebook!  You can follow us on email by subscribing to our feed.  And come like our facebook page!  Look forward to your notes.

- The Girls (Mrs. Gosling, Mrs. Kelly & Mrs. Williams)


Melissa from {} said...

This blog is soooo cute! I met Carrie, or should I say Mrs. Kelly, yesterday during the launch of Rochester's Bloggers Network at Napa. I wanted to connect with you all solets stay in touch and visit my blog! - Thanks! Melissa

naptime notebook said...

Thanks Melissa. Loved meeting you as well. Your blog is fantastic!

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