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Friday, October 11, 2013

Halloween Party Details

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly & Mrs. Beckham


David Beckham on his was to Pumpkinpalooza.
My friend, Mrs. Beckham (Kate), hosted the cutest pumpkin party last week.  The Beckhams actually have their own pumpkin patch and generously decided to share their harvest!  Their fall gathering (or Pumpkinpalooza as they affectionately called it) was filled with lots of cute details.  I thought I would share them with you, via my instagram photos, in case you're looking for some inspiration.

Corn husks decorated the gate as we entered!

I love the presentation with the vases here.  One vase is filled with glow sticks for Halloween night and the other is filled with super cute straws.  My friend bought a few yards of burlap from JoAnn's to use as a tablecloth.  Oh, and milk jug ghosts dotted the tablescape. Easy, affordable and boo-tiful.

More ghosts, delicious pumpkin cookies and donut holes.  It was one delicious fall spread!

Do you love this cider container as much as I do? I mean, look at the apples.  My little guy could not get enough of this!

Witch hat cookies made with a keebler stripe cookie, hershey kiss and frosting.  So cute!

Spider cupcakes.  The only time you'll love spiders.

Bales of hay were spread around the lawn for additional seating.

Something for the kids to burn energy!

The trees were rather spooky. Check them out!

And finally, the showstopper...

We had such a great time!  I hope some day I can return the favor--but I can't even grow my bangs out so I'm doubtful I'll have much success with a pumpkin crop.  

A girl can hope!

PS.  I made it through that entire post without any reference to bending it...

Note from Mrs. Williams:  That party looked spooktacular! 

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  you had me at milk ghosts ... You had me at milk ghosts!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Master of Vignettes

Passing Notes Today: Mrs. Williams

Hi Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Gosling,

Remember how I mentioned our family road trip to Ohio this summer?  During our Great Tour of Ohio, we visited lots of people we loved, like my cousin, Sarah.

I couldn't wait to see her, I mean her house, well, of course her, too.  Seriously, touring her home was one of the highlights of the trip.  Her house is amazingly pulled together and everything I would want my own home to be.  Sarah has a ton of talents and one of them is home decorating and creating the best vignettes of accessories.  Check out some of the vignettes I snapped while at her house (in between the moments when I pointed at everything and was like, "I want this!").

 Turns out there's no place like your cousin's home,

P.S.  Sarah's a Naptime Notebook regular.  You can read more about her here, here, here, and here.

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  So fun.  Love the details.  I want more!  What's in the Lance container?  The shoes are the coolest!   Yes, you are related.  Thanks for sharing Sarah!  

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dear Children's Clothing Stores Of America

A Note from Mrs. Kelly:  The other day my friend Maureen (aka Mrs. Sedaris) posted this "note" on her facebook account.  It definitely resonated with a bunch of people...especially with Halloween right around the corner and all the "lovely" costumes out there. What do you think?  

Passing Notes Today:  Guest Mrs. Sedaris

Dear Children's Clothing Stores of America,

We've got a problem. It seems you've mistaken my five year-old for a pop starlet, a little Beyonce in the making. See, she actually climbs jungle gyms and plays in the woods every day, but you seem to have gotten confused and must believe that in actuality she spends her time, I don't know, licking construction site tools with Miley or something. It's the only reason I can think of that you keep making all this tarty, glittery crap for the kindergarten set. She's not a "diva" as you seem so eager to have her proclaim; she's five and some days still needs help wiping. Clothing manufacturers, I just want to buy my daughter some sweaters for the cold Michigan winter ahead. But you, the fashion world, doesn't seem to believe that little girls like her need sweaters, that your thin, sequin-encrusted, neon, color-blocked cardigans should suffice. What's a girl gotta do to get a little wool up in here? And please, don't even get me started on your leopard-print skinny jeans. Have YOU tried to climb a tree in pants that barely allow your legs to bend at the knee? Believe me when I say that not all of us parents out there want our little girls dressed like a Bratz doll. I might consider shopping in your brick-and-mortar stores, but since you're still in that "is she a five year-old or an inebriated ex-Disney star?" state of confusion, I'll be hanging out on the mostly-reliable Lands End website. You can take your cheap, crappy threads with their stupid sayings and overabundance of sparkle that you're trying to foist upon little girls who sparkle on their own just fine without your help, and shove it. I'm not buying.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Turning A Laundry Nook Into A Laundry / Bath

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Kelly and Guest Mrs. Pattinson

I'm so excited to have my friend Jill, aka Mrs. Pattinson, visiting us again.  You might remember her and her suh-weet buffalo chicken dip.  Anyway, today she is back with us to share her recent laundry / bathroom renovation.  Prior to this summer, her charming 1910 home was only equipped with one bathroom.  That posed a bit of a challenge but Jill knew there was potential lurking in her laundry room.  I asked Jill some questions about her latest home update!

1.  What was your project?
Turning a laundry room with ugly shelves into a second bath for the house that functioned as a laundry room.

IMG_1027 (1)

2. What was your biggest challenge?
The size of the space. Our motto was "it'll just fit." Fitting all that I wanted into the tiny space was difficult but rewarding.

3.  How did you decide color scheme?

I was set on keeping with the period and styling a of our 1910 house and have always loved breadboard and green. Although I was discouraged by Trevor and our cabinet provider on the colors I was desperate to have a modern farmhouse look. I think the colors we used achieved that and I think those guys will agree!

4.  What was your favorite part of the new room?
Everything! Having a bathroom and laundry room on the first floor is a blessing!

5.  Did you work with a contractor?  How did that work?  Did you design and he implemented?  Or was it a teamwork kind of thing?
I did. Our friend Trevor was the contractor and he did awesome! I designed everything and asked him for input along the way. I must say I'm pretty strong-willed lol so I pretty much had my mind set from the beginning. He did a great job of making things work and telling me what was feasible and not.

6.  Source list ...where'd you get your vanity, lights, washer/dryer?
Vanity is from Home Depot!! Love it. It's Martha Stewart collection and came with sink. $400 and worth every penny. Light is also from home decors, a Home Depot line. About $60 and I was very specific on the height and bulb!  Washer and dryer are old from our previous home but they're maytag and still kicking! Cabinets were the splurge with crown molding etc. they cost about $2000. I saved in other areas to get them. Embellishments were from anthropologie and pottery barn ;-)

7.  How long did the bathroom take from start to finish?
Longer than I would have liked but we ran into the fun issues you have with an old house! Started beginning of June and finished end of july. Trevor, who just started his business called nuvo doors worked around the clock to get things done. He is so talented!!!

Without further ado, behold the new laundry room / bath!




Here's a closeup on the vanity.  It's by Martha Stewart and from a big box store.  I love the gray!


The fixture casts pretty, speckled light around the room!


Knobs from Anthropologie

Love the green cabinets with the black and white floor!025

Cute idea for extra lights.  Those mercury jars have candles in them.


The mirror was on sale at Pier One for $100!


Don't you love when visions become reality?  It goes to show you how, with a little creativity, you can find space and still make it pretty.  

I wonder if there is a correlation between loveliness of laundry room and laundry productivity?  :)

& Mrs. Pattinson

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  thoughts on the stackable washer dryer combo?  I am seriously thinking of getting and I am so glad to see you have one.  I'm a sucker for your color scheme - GREEN.  Great job, thanks for sharing!

Note from Mrs. Williams:  I'd do laundry in there any day!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Just Peachy

Passing Notes Today:  Mrs. Williams

Hey Mrs. K. and Mrs. G.,

A few weekends ago I got a "sweet" tutorial on how to make peach jam from my friend Donna.  She grew up making jam with her mom (which totally makes her an expert in my eyes).  I, on the other hand, grew up buying jam in the grocery store, so I was very intrigued and excited to learn how to make some of my own.  

Before I arrived at Donna's house I picked up a bunch of peaches from our local farmer's market, a five pound bag of sugar, a case of 8 oz. jam jars, and some boxes of Sure Jell.  Aside from gathering the ingredients/supplies, I also washed the jars to prepare for the big jam jam.

When I arrived at Donna's she had the whole kitchen set up for jam making - so fun!  

The first order of business was peeling and smashing the peaches - lots of them.  

Then, the smashed peaches went into a large saucepan.

Before we started heating up the peaches, we added lemon juice and cinnamon (the secret ingredient?).

Sure Jell went into the mixture as well.

Once heating up on the stove, there was a lot of stirring.  (Oh, and we added a little bit of butter to cut down on the foam that usually forms on the top of the jam mixture).

Five cups of sugar went into the boiling jam mixture, too.

Before I knew it, it was time to pour the jam into the jars.  As you can tell by this picture, my aim was a little off.  (I guess I'm not a natural.)

The melted wax went on top of the jam to seal it off.  Since I already burnt my finger once, Donna did this (my hero!).

After a little bit, the wax began to harden.

And then...they were all done.  So cute and peachy!

Once I got home, I thought the jams would make a nice hostess gift for all the people we were planning to visit in Ohio.  So, I picked up some cute coffee mugs and paired them with the jam.

Then, I just wrapped them up and tied them with a bow.
These days I'm enjoying some peach jam on my toast each morning.  I'm not sure what I enjoy more, its awesome taste or the sweet memory of Donna teaching me how to make jam in the most patient and kind way.  Thanks Donna - it's delicious!

Gotta Jam - 

Note from Mrs. Kelly:  Oh Mrs. W., you know your signoff made my heart flutter.  Hah!  I want the recipe.  Those look awesome (nice skills Donna)!  Did you sample?

Note from Mrs. Gosling:  Some of my favorite things - fruit, cellophane (weird, I know) mass packaging and good friends.  Nice job ladies! 

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